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Thank you for all of the support!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

We are one month old at Farmhouse 1834 and we have been blessed beyond measure!!

We launched Farmhouse 1834 during a pandemic. Many people thought we were crazy. And maybe we were. During COVID, my husband and I were redecorating our bedroom. We went searching for items in TJMaxx and Target, but were shocked to see empty shelves in both stores. We overhead a manager in TJ Maxx talking about how they were not getting any inventory in. He was frustrated because he had customers who had money and wanted the products, but he had no control of the fulfillment of products coming in from overseas. We saw that there was a gap! Our goal was to fill that gap in the home decor niche with American made products and doing what we love ~ decorating and design!!

We quickly received unexpected attention that we are so thankful for. Our first interview was with Joanne Demund of the Sun News (link here)She did an incredible job conveying our story. I believe that it was because of her great article, that later that same month, Fox 8 came out and did a 3 minute spot on us (link ). We have been so blessed by the coverage we have received. As a result we are getting customers from as far west as Toledo, as far south as Columbus, and as far east at Chardon. We are blessed indeed!!

We have many ideas of what is to come, including classes!! (article continues below)


We have an email with tons of great information including; new products, design ideas, upcoming classes, specials, and more!!


This month we are featuring the LOVE Bank! The perfect gift for someone who loves gifts from the heart!

The concept is easy - each day write a love note to the recipient and make a deposit in The LOVE Bank!

Some ideas for the LOVE Bank:

  1. Gift for someone you love

  2. A gift for Newlyweds - have guests at a wedding write love notes to the couple

  3. A gift for a baby - have guests at a shower write love notes to the baby

  4. List one thing you are thankful for everyday and read on New Years Eve

  5. Use it as a prayer box - write down prayers and at the end of the year, read all the prayers God answered

In closing, we just want to say how much we appreciate each and every person who has supported our little oasis of happiness! We hope we can help you find the perfect peice or details for your home.

And as always, we hope your day is blessed!

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